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Back in China - Huídàozhōngguó

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When I heard about the opportunity that I can go back to china from learning Mandarin, I jumped on the occasion and asked my wife to accompany me, so we could be two speaking a new language. I found the language interesting, it looks complicated, but after you understand some base, it is easy to learn.

This trip was different from my first time in many levels.

First thing I notice when we arrive in Beijing, the pollution was better than last year. TJ was telling me that China Congress was going on and therewas no construction because of it. I found the city safe.The hotel was close from wangfujing street where you can find some snacks like scorpions, hawthorn, sugar-coated figurine and more. Our tour guide in Beijing, Jackson was getting along very well with the group and the teenagers love him. Even though this was the second time visiting The Forbidden City and The Temple of Heaven, we had entered at different gates giving us new beautiful views on those historic building. At the Zoo, we went at a perfect time to see the Panda for the very first time and they were not sleeping. All the animals we saw were very active, my wife was impress with the monkeys and the white polar bear. The Great Wall of China, walking on it for a second time and still amaze me that it was build by human hand. I can’t help but think about all the people that build it and died for it.

Second thing is the food, I was very surprise of the many different and delicious food that we had during our stay in china. Got to try some famous dishes like the hot pot, Peking duck, Dumplings and many more. I really enjoy Chinese foods that we started to try to cook some at home.

The best part for us was Qufu, the staff were very friendly, eager to please us. We had a chance to learn more about the culture. Every time we were speaking a little mandarin, the people was amaze. The Gourd Museum was captivating, so many different arts made of gourd and the sounds of the instrument was very different. I wish I could have bought one of those instruments. Going to Tai Shan was our highlight of the trip, I think Chen was very happy to show us his hometown. The view is incredible, you can see a line where on the bottom is the pollution and the blue sky. Even though we had used the cable cars, we still had a lot of stairs to climb. Now we saw one the five great mountains of China, I have four more to see.

We are grateful that we made some news friends and we are now connected on we-chat.

XiexieHanBan for this trip, cannot thank you enough. Also, a big thank you toTengLoashi, She is amazing.

We will visit again China.Wo ai Zhongguo。


当我听说有机会通过学习普通话回到中国时,我激动地跳了起来,并要求我的妻子陪伴我,我们可以一起讲一种新的语言。 我觉得这个语言很有趣,虽然看起来很复杂,但是当你理解了这个语言的基础后,学起来就很简单了。